The present day Indonesian government had already get rid—at least they think—the spectre of communism, which they usually prefer to use to demonize dissent. The mushrooming of anarchist movement in all of its tendencies in the archipelagos, notably 2018-2019, had alarmed the state and police that there’s this new extremism they should worry about other than religious terrorism. Anarchism in Indonesia finally become the new spectre, the new label to repress dissent, and this leads to arbitrary arrests of anarchists. The state-police reduced the rich tradition of anarchy into a mere “anarcho-syndicalism” or as they call it “anarko”, in which everytime there’s a riot, or unlawful protest, anarchist were to blame, the saying “Anarko dalang dari kerusuhan” (anarchists are behind these riots).

In short, it is true that anarchist movement spread througout archipelagos in a decentralised manner, which makes them also an easy target of anarchist witch-hunt whenever the state-police wanted to a scapegoat or there was actual anarchist individuals or group involved in direct-action against the state and capital. In between 2011 until now there already anarchists in and out of prison, most of them—especially those who are still imprisoned—are lacking in anarchist literatures or some of them expressed the need to distribute anarchist literature in the prisons. Therefore, we as independent anarchist publishers initiate this program of distributing anarchist literatures to prison, for the comrades and also for the prison library (under the umbrella of Indonesian Anarchist Network of Publisher in cooperation with Palang Hitam (one of active Indonesian Anarchist Black Cross) need your help to reprint some of these books in order to distribute it to our comrades and prison libraries:

1) A War That We Cannot Win (An Indonesian History of Anarchism) – Bima Satria Putra (Pustaka Catut). [Local author Indonesian anarchist history books—Bima is currently serving 15 years for possessing 15 kilogram of marijuana]

2) Towards Me (Menuju Aku) – Reyhard Rumbayan, et al. (Public Enemy Books). [Local Author Indonesian]

3) Fragments of Anarchist Anthropology – David Graeber (Pustaka Catut). [Indonesian Translation]

4) Blessed is the Flame – Serafinski (Diogenes Press). [Indonesian Translation]

5) Compulsory Schooling and Anarchist Resistance – Matt Hern, et al (Ramu Publishing). [Indonesian Translation]

We will also add two elementary anarchism pamphlets for reprint:

1) The ABC of Anarchism – Alexander Berkman [Indonesian Translation]

2) Anarchy: A Graphic Guide – Clifford Harper [Indonesian Translation]

You can find our accounts on Instagram and noblogs/opensource library:

1) Instagram: @pustakacatut


2) Instagram: @diogenes_sinope_


3) Instagram: @publicenemybooks



4) Instagram: @penerbitramu


Or you can find the whole campaign at:

Ps: Each of our materials that was already published already accessible in many open source libraries including

We will pubished 5 title of books and 2 title of elementary pamphlets, every books we plan to print it only 20 exemplars (so there will be 100 exemplars of books with 5 different titles) that will cost:

270 euro = IDR 4,128,099

IDR 4,128,099 – 2,000,000 (Raw Calculation of Production Cost) = IDR 2,128,099

IDR 2,128,099 ÷ 4 (Raw Operational Cost for each publisher: Public Enemy Books, Diogenes, Ramu, Pustaka Catut) = IDR 532,024


Di Indonesia, gagasan dan praktik-praktik anarkisme seringkali direpresi oleh aparatus negara, hal itu dikarenakan anarkisme kini sudah menjadi momok baru setelah isu tentang komunisme redup dalam beberapa tahun terakhir (perlu diketahui bahwa pemerintahan Indonesia sejak adanya Orde Baru sangat sensitif terhadap wacana kiri/komunisme), lalu di era rezim pemerintahan hari ini, Negara cenderung fokus kepada anarkisme sebagai gagasan yang mengganggu kestabilan negara dan sangat bertentangan dengan prinsip-prinsip kenegaraan. Kami, anarkis yang menyebar di berbagai daerah di Indonesia sangat berpotensi menjadi tahanan negara, terlebih sejak meledaknya M1 tahun 2018 sampai hari ini sudah banyak dari kawan-kawan kami yang ditangkap dan dipenjarakan. Kawan-kawan anarkis yang saat ini berada di balik jeruji besi sering berkomunikasi dengan kami yang berada di luar untuk meminta dikirimkan buku bacaan karena kurangnya ketersediaan literasi (khususnya yang memiliki irisan atau berfokus pada wacana anarkisme) di fasilitas penjara.



Daftar tahanan anarkis yang sedang dipenjarakan negara:
  1. Bima Satria Putra (Lapas Narkotika Kelas II B Banyuasin, Palembang. Vonis 15 tahun penjara — kasus penyelundupan narkotika).
  2. Carolous Krisna Putra Pratama (Lapas Narkotika Kelas II B Banyuasin, Palembang. Vonis 15 tahun penjara — kasus penyelundupan narkotika).
  3. Fahmi Fikri Salman (Rumah Tahanan Polres Cianjur. Sedang dalam proses peradilan — kasus pelemparan molotov).
  4. Rian Ardian (Rumah Tahanan Polres Cianjur. Sedang dalam proses peradilan — kasus pelemparan molotov).
  5. Jon Sondang Pakpahan (Rumah Tahan Teroris Cikeas. Sedang dalam proses peradilan — kasus pelemparan molotov).
  6. Job Gocklas Silitonga (Lapas Pemuda Kelas II A Tangerang. Vonis 9 bulan penjara — kasus penganiayan).
  7. Fadli Hari Ando (Lapas Pemuda Kelas II A Tangerang. Vonis 9 bulan penjara — kasus penganiayaan).

*Data didapatkan dari Palang Hitam Anarkis (Indonesian ABC)